Where To Eat in Pismo Beach, California


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Where to eat in Pismo Beach, California
Pismo Beach

7 Best restaurant to eat at Pismo Beach

We’ve picked 7 restaurants right by the beach that offer an unforgettable dining experience. Let’s jump in and find out where to eat near Pismo Beach and the best food at Pismo Beach.

1. Ventana Grill Restaurant in Pismo Beach

Where To Eat Near Pismo Beach, California
Ventana Grill Restaurant

Ventana Grill at Pismo Beach, California offers coastal views and delicious Latin-inspired food. Ventana Grill will impress locals and tourists alike.

Ventana Grill has a breathtaking seaside view. Imagine sitting at a cosy corner booth with large windows seeing the Pacific surf pounding against the coastline. The atmosphere alone makes a meal memorable.

Ventana Grill’s Latin-inspired meals are bold and delicious, pleasing even the pickiest eaters. The Central Coast’s favourite buffet-style Sunday breakfast awaits you when you enter.

The buffet offers fresh Dungeness and Snow Crab Legs, Peel n Eat Shrimp, Smoked Salmon, Oyster Shooters, Mexican Shrimp Cocktail and Ceviche. Land-based options include small Chorizo Quiches, Beef Barbacoa Eggs Benedict, and a Roast Beef Carving Station. Desserts include Belgium Waffles, Churro French Toast, Chocolate Cream Puffs, and more.

Ventana Grill prides itself on its attentive and professional personnel, making sure diners are properly taken care of. Live entertainment elevates every meal.

Ventana Grill, with its ocean vistas and Latin- inspired cuisine, is a must-visit. It’s fantastic for romantic evenings and friend gatherings due to its vast menu and excellent service.  Ventana Grill will certainly charm and entice people to return. Book a table and enjoy Pismo Beach’s best at this unique restaurant.

2. Oyster Loft: A Seafood Restaurant in Pismo Beach

Where To Eat Near Pismo Beach, California
Oyster Loft Restaurant

I’m one of those diners who praised about Oyster Loft’s seafood. Fresh, cold and flavorful oysters on the half shell were a must-try. I craved them! The bacon-roasted Brussels sprouts with dried cherries were delicious. They were delicious as a veggie/appetizer. Don’t miss these tasty dishes!

The Oyster Loft is known as one of the best places to eat in Pismo Beach. The kind, helpful waitstaff has impressed customers. The restaurant’s beachfront location enhances the mood, letting you enjoy the water while eating.

We have enjoyed the food at Oyster Loft and have praised it as a culinary masterpiece. Scallops and Halibut are lauded for their flavor and preparation. The Tuna Poke Tower and charbroiled Oysters with Asiago cheese are unusual options. Mushroom Tortellini is delicious for vegetarians.

Oyster Loft is one of Pismo Beach’s best restaurants. The friendly and attentive waitstaff, always ready to offer their professional recommendations and make my evening memorable, impressed me from the start. The vibe! The restaurant’s beachfront setting lets me enjoy my delicious lunch while admiring the ocean.

We recommend Oyster Loft for a small and special event. This restaurant’s atmosphere and service will enhance any event, whether it’s a romantic date night, an anniversary, or a vacation meal.

The wonderful setting and excellent service made it a great spot to make memories. Oyster Loft will give you unforgettable memories whether you’re a native or a visiting.

3. Ada’s Fish House in Pismo Beach, California

Where To Eat Near Pismo Beach, California
Ada’s Fish House

My partner and I were eager to try Pismo Beach’s seafood, and Ada’s Fish House was a delight. The restaurant’s inviting atmosphere set the tone for the evening.

We ordered fresh oysters on the half shell while browsing the menu. We wanted more of these delicious, chilled treats. We tried the lobster Max n Cheese after the suggestions and were pleasantly surprised. It was rich, creamy, and delicious.

Ada’s Fish House is perfect for a romantic dinner. The restaurant’s ambience and exquisite seafood dishes make every meal memorable, whether it’s a romantic date night, anniversary celebration, or vacation meal.

We enjoyed the clam chowder. Its clam-filled broth was popular. The flavor left us wanting more. It was no surprise to learn that many diners highly recommended it.

Ada’s Fish House has certainly earned its reputation as a culinary gem in Pismo Beach. Every dish shows the restaurant’s dedication to fresh ingredients and skillful execution. Each item showed the chef’s competence and commitment to quality, from the substantial fish and chips to the delicious lobster roll.

Besides the delicious food, the wonderful welcome and easygoing atmosphere made our experience memorable. Ada’s Fish House’s friendly, attentive personnel made us feel at home and enhanced our meal experience.

Ada’s Fish House deserves its popularity, thus we urge reservations, especially during busy hours. This guarantees a place and delicious fish.

Its modest charm, tasty food and friendly personnel make it a local favorite. Ada’s Fish House is a must-try for seafood lovers who want a relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy a memorable seafood feast at this restaurant.

4. Cracked Crab Restaurant in Pismo Beach

Where To Eat Near Pismo Beach, California

The Cracked Crab Restaurant in Pismo Beach is a seafood lover’s paradise! Alaskan King Crab, seafood buckets, and friendly service make this restaurant a favorite.

I love crab, but Cracked Crab’s Alaskan King Crab was amazing! It was excellent and tasty. Each taste was seafood heaven!

My favorite part was trying their seafood buckets. I chose crab and shrimp for a seafood feast! The bucket had perfectly cooked corn, sausage, and potatoes. I enjoyed every bite of the royal feast.

Cracked Crab’s relaxed vibe was great. It’s a place to unwind and enjoy a meal without pretension. Come as you are for a delicious meal.

Cracked Crab had great staff. I was greeted and cared for immediately. Joe, our server, had great menu suggestions and was friendly. The service was quick and and I never had to wait long for anything.

I like their fresh crab meals because I love crab. Cracked Crab has everything, not just crab. Clam soup, cooked clams, and crab sandwiches were delicious. The lunch was great and substantial, leaving me satisfied.

Cracked Crab is great for dine-in, however their takeout service has varied ratings. I recommend eating in the restaurant to enjoy the entire experience.

Cracked Crab Restaurant was unforgettable. The Alaskan King Crab and seafood buckets tasted like bliss. The relaxed, pleasant atmosphere and superb service made it a dinner experience I’ll never forget.

5. Shell Beach Brew House, Pismo Beach

Shell Beach Brew House

Shell Beach Brewhouse is a restaurant in Pismo Beach that serves pub food and craft beer. It’s laid-back and has a big terrace out front. The beer is excellent, and the pricing are fair.

Pismo Beach diners can find the eatery at 1527 Shell Beach Road. Weekend hours are 11:00 am to 10:00 pm, with weekday hours being 11:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Burgers, pizzas, sandwiches, and salads are just some of the pub staples that can be found on the menu at Shell Beach Brewhouse. A children’s menu is available as well.

There are more than 30 beers on tap plus a few wines and drinks available at Shell Beach Brewhouse. You can pick from a large selection of beers like IPAs, stouts, porters, pale ales, and more.

Shell Beach Brewhouse is known for its laid-back vibe. Enjoy a meal or just people-watch on the restaurant’s spacious patio, which is open on warm days.

The staff at Shell Beach Brewhouse are always helpful and pleasant. You can count on friendly advice from the staff no matter what time of day or night it is.

For a laid-back supper and some refreshing brews, Shell Beach Brewhouse is hard to beat. Tourists and locals alike frequent this location.

6. Pismo Fish & Chips: Seafood Restaurant

Where To Eat Near Pismo Beach, California

Pismo Fish & Chips greeted me with great service on my first visit. Friendly, fast service. I loved their fish and prawn combo! Cracker-dusted and nicely battered fish and buttery, sweet prawns. The quantities were big, and the flavours were perfect—not overcooked or undercooked!

The restaurant is a bit away from the main street, but trust me, it’s worth the small detour! Despite the crowds, we were seated immediately. The cafe has a homely ambiance. It’s a family-run business with a welcoming atmosphere.

Their award-winning clam chowder is delicious! A seafood pleasure, it’s creamy, savoury, and clam-filled. Their fresh, crisp fish will impress fish and chip lovers. Best part? The quantities are large—you get what you paid for!

Pismo Fish & Chips is a great spot for lunch and beyond. The meal offers tasty seafood. Try their Shrimp Louie salad with handmade dressings. Every dish is lovingly prepared.

That’s it! Explore Pismo Fish & Chips’ seafood paradise. From their wonderful fish and chips to their clam soup, every bite is delicious. It’s a great place to eat with friends and family because of the pleasant service and cosy atmosphere.

7. Pizmo Cafe: A Family Pizza Adventure

Pizmo Cafe

Pizza lovers! My family and I had wonderful pizza and more at Pizmo Café in Pismo Beach.

Pizmo Cafe has great pizza! We entered to a welcoming atmosphere and the smell of fresh pizza. The service was courteous and suggested we try their “half and half” option. What a game-changer! We were amazed we hadn’t tasted this pizza sooner.

And let me tell you about the calzone. It was great! After a fun pier trip, we tried their calzone. We had a delicious salad with it.

However, not everything was ideal. We had one service issue. Our waitress was distracted by her phone and forgot about us twice. I know everyone has bad days, but the cuisine made up for it.

Pizmo Cafe became our vacation hangout. Feeling like family! Service and cuisine were usually excellent. Tortellini and calzones were delicious and filling.

The large pepperoni / cheese pizza is delicious. Its flaky crust made us want more. We shared the side Caesar salad, which was delicious.

We returned with a group of nine. The staff members accommodated us by seating us together. Pizzas, calzones, chicken parmesan, wings, and mozzarella sticks were our feast. Fast, accurate service and delicious food.

Calzones and beer-battered fries make up for the sunburn and unprotected terrace. Kelli, our wonderful server! She improved our meal.

Pizmo Cafe is Pismo Beach’s secret. Their pizza is delicious and family-friendly. The delicious cuisine and kind service make up for any mishaps. Don’t miss Pismo Beach’s family-friendly pizza paradise. You’ll love it!

Important Note: This article relies on feedback from locals, others, and our own research about the place. We haven’t been to the restaurant ourselves, so we can’t be 100% sure if everything in this article is spot on. We recommend that you look into it more, read reviews from different places, and decide for yourself if you want to check out the restaurant

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