15 Things to Do in Amherst, MA That You'll Never Forget

By Steanlee, 17th August, 2023

Massachusetts' attractive and historic Amherst is noted for its intellectual environment and gorgeous surroundings.

1. Visit the Emily Dickinson Museum

If you go to Amherst, you should definitely check out the Emily Dickinson Museum.

2. Amherst Farmers Market fun

Visit the Amherst Farmers Market for local taste. Eat fresh produce, artisan items, and delightful sweets.

3. Hiking at the Robert Frost Trail

Robert Frost Trail hiking is a terrific way to connect with nature. The trail, named after an American poet, offers stunning views.

4. Explore the Mead Art Museum.

The Mead Art Museum is fantastic for art lovers. Due to its international and historical art collection, this museum is fascinating. 

5. Beneski Museum of Natural History

This museum features dinosaur and rock exhibits for all ages. Explore science through hands-on shows.

6. Picnicking at Puffers Pond

Nature is enjoyed while picnicking near Puffers Pond. This tranquil Amherst, MA, region offers a break from daily life.

7. Hitchcock Center for the Environment

Visit the Hitchcock Centre for the Environment to learn about the ecology. Learn sustainable living through training programs.

8. UMass Fine Arts Center

The UMass Fine Arts Centre brings art to life. You can see plays and live music to entertain yourself.

9. Stroll Through the Amherst College Campus

The Amherst College campus is a lovely walk. Look at the buildings' architectural beauty and get intellectual. 

10. Cycling Along the Norwottuck Rail Trail

Ride your bike on the Norwottuck Rail Trail. All levels of skill can ride this stunning road with breathtaking vistas. 

11. Local Cuisine at Amherst Restaurants

Amherst's cuisine delights diners. Visit the many restaurants serving local and international cuisine.

12. Amherst History Museum

You can learn about local history from interesting displays and relics. Discover what events shaped the town over time.

13. Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art

This unique museum honors children's books with colourful displays and hands-on activities. Immerse yourself in storytelling and creativity.

14. Notch Visitor Center

Learn about park plants, animals, and rocks. Walk to experience mind-blowing sights.

15. Attending Events at Amherst Cinema

You can watch movies or attend events at the Amherst Cinema. Small-budget indies to international hits are carefully selected at this independent theater.