Top 15 Most Iconic Film Locations on Kauai Island


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Top 15 Most Iconic Film Locations on Kauai Island

Kauai Island has been the backdrop for numerous Hollywood movies and TV shows. It is not surprising given how beautiful its beaches and landscapes are, along with its crystal-clear waters. the top 15 most iconic Film Locations on Kauai that can be found on Kauai Island. The lavish waterfalls from “The Descendants” movie were captured perfectly, along with lush jungle scenes from “Jurassic Park,” which definitely contributed to making this island’s landscape one of the best backdrops for memorable scenes in motion picture history.

Are you a traveler who loves movies? Kauai Island, Hawaii, lets you visit some of the most spectacular movie settings. Kauai Island has been serving as a backdrop for the Hollywood movie industry as well as commercials, from its verdant valleys to its tumbling waterfalls and gorgeous beaches. Pack your luggage and get ready to explore Kauai Island’s most beautiful movie locations in this article.

Here are the top 15 film locations on Kauai Island

Hanalei Bay

Top 15 Most Iconic Film Locations on Kauai Island

Hanalei Bay is a stunning crescent-shaped bay located on the north shore of Kauai, which was the location for the iconic opening scene of “South Pacific,” where the lead character sang “Bali Ha’i” on the deck of a boat in what has now become an iconic scene from that film. In addition to that Hanalei Bay also been featured in “The Descendants” and “The Thorn Birds.”

Limahuli Garden and Preserve

Top 15 Most Iconic Film Locations on Kauai Island

Limahuli Garden and Preserve was featured in the movie “The Descendants,” and it’s on Kauai’s north shore. The preserve has some of the best views on the island, and guests can explore native Hawaiian plants and take educational tours about Hawaii’s unique ecosystem. preserve is a must- see destination as well as it has some of the most breathtaking views on the island, and learn about Hawaii’s unique ecosystem and explore its diverse collection of native Hawaiian plants.

Wailua Falls

Top 15 Most Iconic Film Locations on Kauai Island

The Wailua Falls are a beautiful two-tiered waterfall near Lihue. This waterfall is featured in the opening credits of the TV show “Fantasy Island” and was also used in the movie “Jurassic Park”. It can be seen from a lookout point or hiked to its base.

Ke’e Beach

Top 15 Most Iconic Film Locations on Kauai Island

Ke’e Beach is a private beach in the north of Kauai. Ke’e Beach appeared in many Hollywood films such as “King Kong” (1976), “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” (2011), and “The Descendants” (2011). You can go snorkeling, swimming and relax on the beautiful white sand beach.

Allerton Garden

Top 15 Most Iconic Film Locations on Kauai Island

Discover the beauty of the Allerton Garden, a stunning botanical paradise situated along the idyllic south shore of Kauai. The fourth installment of the series Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, was partly filmed on Kauai Island’s Allerton Garden. You can join a guided garden tour to discover its fantastic assortment of tropical plants.

Manawaiopuna Falls

Top 15 Most Iconic Film Locations on Kauai Island

The spectacular 400-foot drop of this waterfall made headlines when it was included in Steven Spielberg’s iconic blockbuster film, Jurassic Park. You may recognise these waterfalls from the movie scene, visiting them in person is an amazing opportunity. This is one of the most amazing Film Locations on Kauai Island.

The location is fantastic for photography, and it is easy to get there and it is something that everyone who goes to Kauai should absolutely do. The breathtaking scenery of Manawaiopuna Falls has served as a source of inspiration for filmmakers for many years.

Na Pali Coast State Park

Top 15 Most Iconic Film Locations on Kauai Island

The Northwest side of Kauai is home to Na Pali Coast State Park, a breathtakingly rugged coastline. Don’t miss visiting the stunning park featured in movies like “King Kong” and “The Descendants.” Explore the breathtaking scenery through hiking or boat tours to discover cliffs and beaches. You can experience this wonder of nature in so many ways. Make sure to add it to your bucket list and have first-hand experience of it!

Opaekaa Falls

Top 15 Most Iconic Film Locations on Kauai Island

If you’re ever in the vicinity of Wailua, make sure to visit the breathtaking Opaekaa Falls. This stunning waterfall is a true gem in the area. This amazing place has been featured on the famous TV show “Fantasy Island” and has also been shown as a beautiful backdrop for many advertisements and movies.

If you’re planning to visit the falls, you have two great options to enjoy the view: first, you can head to the lookout point to get a breathtaking panorama of the falls. Alternatively, you can take a quick hike to the base of the falls. Both options are equally delightful and will offer you an unforgettable and unique experience, so you can choose the one that best suits your preferences.

Kilauea Lighthouse

Top 15 Most Iconic Film Locations on Kauai Island

Kilauea Lighthouse was built in 1913 to assist Kauai ships. 52-foot reinforced concrete lighthouse. It was one of the Pacific’s brightest lighthouses at 90 miles. Kilauea Lighthouse closed in 1976 after 62 years. The lighthouse is a tourist attraction and historical landmark.

The opening scene of “Honeymoon in Vegas” features the Kilauea Lighthouse as a backdrop, where Jack Singer (played by Nicolas Cage) proposes to his girlfriend Betsy Nolan (played by Sarah Jessica Parker). The way this scene captures the beauty and romance of the lighthouse is truly remarkable. The beautiful views and setting of the lighthouse have made it a popular spot for weddings and romantic getaways.

Kipu Ranch

Top 15 Most Iconic Film Locations on Kauai Island

Kipu Ranch covers 3,000 acres from the Huleia River to Mt. Haupu. Many filming locations and wildlife are there! The property has evolved from a sugar plantation to a productive cattle ranch. Kipu Ranch is private and off-limits.

Ride through the ranch with your luxury Kawasaki off-road vehicle! All trips are guided scenic tours with a characteristic stop-and-go flow filled with history, culture, movie locations, and aloha.

“The Descendants” and “Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark” were filmed at Kauai’s southeast Kipu Ranch. The ranch offers ATV rides through the island’s most spectacular forests, rivers, and valleys.

Princeville Resort

Top 15 Most Iconic Film Locations on Kauai Island

Several Hollywood films have used the Princeville Resort on Kauai, Hawaii, as a setting. Songs like “Bali Ha’i” and other memorable scenes from the 1958 musical “South Pacific” were shot at the resort, making it one of the most well-known filming locations in Hollywood. The stunning Princeville Resort has been the backdrop for some amazing films, such as the 2011 hit “The Descendants,” which featured the talented George Clooney, and the hilarious “Just Go with It” starring Adam Sandler and the lovely Jennifer Aniston. The resort’s stunning scenery and the finest atmosphere have made it a favorite among filmmakers trying to capture the aloha spirit of Hawaii on film.

Lawai Beach

Top 15 Most Iconic Film Locations on Kauai Island

Lawai Beach is a popular beach on the south shore of Kauai. The iconic beach featured in “Baywatch” has served as the backdrop for numerous movies and commercials, becoming a popular filming location in the Hollywood industry. The place is so beautiful and famous that both tourists and locals easily recognize it. The beach’s cultural significance in the media further showcases its enduring legacy in American pop culture. You can do many fun activities at Lawai Beach, like swimming, snorkeling, and surfing in the clear and beautiful water.

Lumahai Beach

Top 15 Most Iconic Film Locations on Kauai Island

Lumahai Beach is often featured on postcards and in art galleries because of its beauty. The scene in South Pacific where Mitzi Gaynor washes the man out of her hair on the long, white sand beach made the beach famous. Although Lumahai has been the subject of numerous postcards and paintings, it is also well-known on the island as one of the riskiest beaches for drowning.

Waimea Canyon

Top 15 Most Iconic Film Locations on Kauai Island

The stunning Waimea Canyon in Kauai is also popularly known as the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”. It was featured in the 1974 film “The Island at the Top of the World”. This amazing place has been a popular destination for filmmakers. Canyon attracts tourists from everywhere to explore the island’s gorgeous nature with its stunning views and unique beauty. So, if you want to explore a truly awe-inspiring place, Waimea Canyon is definitely worth a visit!

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