14 Best Things to do for Couples in Honolulu


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14 Best Things to do for Couples in Honolulu
Photo by Andre Furtado: Things to do for Couples in Honolulu

Honolulu is the perfect destination for a honeymoon or a romantic vacation for couples. The capital of Hawaii provides couples with a once-in-a-lifetime experience with its beautiful beaches, verdant landscape, and balmy tropical temperature.Activities in Honolulu range from water sports and hiking to beach lounging and sunset watching.

Top 14 Things to do for Couples in Honolulu:

We’ve curated a list of 14 best things to do for couples in Honolulu. From stunning beaches to breathtaking views, these spots are sure to make your trip unforgettable.

1. Waikiki Beach: Hawaii’s Iconic Beach

14 Best Things to do for Couples in Honolulu

There’s a good reason why Waikiki Beach is consistently ranked as one of the top places for visitors to go in Honolulu. With its stunning waters, plush sands, and gentle waves, Waikiki is the perfect place for couples to enjoy a day at the beach. You and your partner have the option to rent surfboards, go on a cruise at sunset, or simply lie out in the sun. You won’t want for options for a romantic meal or night out on the town thanks to the abundance of restaurants and nightclubs in the area.

2. Diamond Head State Monument: Hawaii’s Natural Wonder

14 Best Things to do for Couples in Honolulu

14 Best Things to do for Couples in Honolulu

The Diamond Head State Monument is an absolute must-see for any couple that enjoys going on hikes and discovering new things in the great outdoors. The walk is only 0.8 miles long, but it leads you through a tunnel, up a steep staircase, and past a bunker before you reach the summit, where you can take in amazing views of the city and the ocean. The hike is difficult, but it is well worth it to see the sights. Don’t forget to bring along plenty of water and sunscreen!

3. Hanauma Bay: Hawaii’s Premier Snorkeling Destination

14 Best Things to do for Couples in Honolulu

Hanauma Bay is a protected marine life conservation area that is well-known for the clarity of its waters as well as the variety of marine species that can be found there. Exploring the underwater world as a couple is possible through activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving. You may also unwind and take in the breathtaking scenery by relaxing on the beach. Since Hanauma Bay is such a popular destination, the best time to visit is first thing in the morning so that you can avoid the crowds.

4. Honolulu Museum of Art: A Must-Visit Destination for Art Lovers

14 Best Things to do for Couples in Honolulu

The Honolulu Museum of Art is a fantastic destination for you and your partner if you share an appreciation for the arts and culture. Over 50,000 (fifty thousand) paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts from all over the world are on display at the museum. You can grab a bite to eat and some souvenirs in the museum’s cafe and gift store.

5. Manoa Falls: A Hiker’s Paradise in Hawaii

14 Best Things to do for Couples in Honolulu

The Manoa Falls Hiking Trail is a well-traveled path that winds its way through a verdant jungle on its way to a breathtaking waterfall and it is one of the best Places for Couples to Visit in Honolulu. The path is not overly difficult, which makes it a good choice for couples who want to take in the beauty of nature without putting in too much effort. Following a drenching rainstorm, the waterfall reveals its full splendour.

6. Pearl Harbor National Memorial: A National Memorial

14 Best Things to do for Couples in Honolulu

A trip to the Pearl Harbour National Memorial is an absolute requirement for history buffs. The memorial was built in memory of the 2,403 United States americans who lost their lives in the attack on Pearl Harbour in 1941. Learn about the events that took place prior to the attack as well as the aftermath of the attack by taking a tour of the Pearl Harbour Visitor Centre and the USS Arizona Memorial together as a couple.

7. Iolani Palace: Hawaii’s Crown Jewel

14 Best Things to do for Couples in Honolulu

Iolani Palace is the only royal palace in the United States and is a site that history buffs and others interested in architecture absolutely have to see. The palace was constructed in 1882 and served as the official residence of the Hawaiian monarchs from that year until 1893, when the monarchy was abolished. It is possible for married couples to take a tour of the palace together and receive information about its history and architecture.

8. Sunset Beach: A Surfer’s Paradise on Oahu’s North Shore

14 Best Things to do for Couples in Honolulu

Located on Oahu’s North Shore, Sunset Beach is a stunning stretch of sand and it is one of the most popular places for couples to visit in Honolulu. Sunsets at the beach are particularly breathtaking during the colder months. Cosy up with the one you love on the beach, have a dip in the refreshing ocean, and watch the surfers ride the waves.

9. Makapuu Lighthouse Trail: A Scenic Hike with Stunning Views

14 Best Things to do for Couples in Honolulu

The Makapuu Lighthouse Trail is a favorite among hikers for its breathtaking panoramas of the sea and the islands beyond. The trail’s moderate difficulty makes it a good choice for leisurely outdoor recreation by couples. The path leads to a lighthouse that has been standing since it was constructed in 1909.

10. Ala Moana Center: A Shopper’s Haven in Honolulu

14 Best Things to do for Couples in Honolulu

Couples can enjoy a day of shopping, dining, and relaxation at Hawaii’s largest Shopping center, Ala Moana Center. There are more than 350 (three hundred and fifty stores) in the shopping center, including several designer outlets. Many fine dining establishments and casual eateries are also available.

11. Kualoa Ranch: A One-of-a-Kind Adventure Destination

14 Best Things to do for Couples in Honolulu

Kualoa Ranch is a 4,000-acre nature reserve that hosts several romantic outdoor activities. You may take an ATV adventure with your loved one, a zip line trip, or a horseback ride. Visitors can also take a ranch’s guided tours of the nature reserve, where they can give you a detailed insight into the native flora and wildlife of Hawaii.

12. Shangri La Museum of Islamic Art, Culture & Design:

14 Best Things to do for Couples in Honolulu

In Honolulu’s Diamond Head district, the Shangri La Museum of Islamic Art, Culture & Design is a fascinating museum. The museum sits in Doris Duke’s luxurious former home. It has an outstanding collection of Islamic art and artifacts from around the world.

Here you can learn about Islamic art and culture, take a guided tour of the museum with your partner. You’ll learn about this ancient civilization’s rich history and culture while spending time with your partner.

13. Lanikai Beach: The Perfect Spot for Relaxation and Rejuvenation

14 Best Things to do for Couples in Honolulu

On Oahu’s windward coast, you’ll find the stunning Lanikai Beach. Both the water and the sand at this beach are exceptionally fine and soft and fluffy. Relaxing on the beach, swimming in the crystal-clear waters, and kayaking among the local islands are all great activities for couples.

14. Kapiolani Park: A Paradise for Picnics, Sports, and Relaxation

14 Best Things to do for Couples in Honolulu

Since my hotel was on Kaiulani Avenue, just off Waikiki Beach, I found this park to be an ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of Waikiki proper and in my opinion Kapiolani Park is on one of the best places for couples to visit in Honolulu, where I could enjoy a leisurely stroll while learning about the park’s attractions at my own pace and without having to compete with other tourists.

Located just across the street from Waikiki Beaches, this park is perfect for romantic strolls. Great for playing sports, frisbee, or flying kites. There are sunny spots and shady corners to explore. The exercise center features apparatus including monkey bars and pullup bars.

Honolulu has many romantic activities and attractions, and this city has something for everyone—beaches, nature, and Hawaiian culture—as well as being ideal for couples looking to make lasting experiences.

Note: The list of places we have shared is only some of the popular attractions in Honolulu. There are lots of other great spots in Honolulu to visit.

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